5 unhealthy issues, you is likely to be consuming every day!

Among the merchandise that we devour every day are processed poisons and na them dey trigger most of those Yama Yama illness wey some folks dey sick immediately.
A few of these meals trigger hypertension, extra of ldl cholesterol (weight problems), coronary heart illnesses, diabetes, Alzheimer’s illness, and even most cancers.
Among the merchandise wey you go cut back how dey chop/drink and even cease to dey take am kpata kpata be:

1. Canned tomato paste (tin tomatoes) 

Particular person no go even know say widespread tin tomato na gradual poison. It incorporates excessive ranges of sugar, used as preservatives. Fixed consumption of this product can result in an elevated threat of weight problems, diabetes, coronary heart illness, amongst others.
E higher make you prepare dinner solely recent tomatoes, as an alternative to purchase illness with your personal cash.

2. Soda/Mushy drinks.

Carbonated drinks don change into the order of the day, we dey drink am like water. Morning coke, afternoon la casera, night Fanta.
Overlook all that candy, totori advert o. Advertising and marketing disguises telling you that these drinks are good on your physique. They aren’t, all of the components na sugar, coloring, preservatives wey match full bag and I don speak sugar?
E higher make you simply lick orange, eat higher fruits. Forfeit all these processed drinks, they’re the important thing to diabetes, tooth decay and most cancers.
three.Vegetable oil

Vegetable oils comprise harmful trans-fats that may facilitate coronary heart illness, weight problems, most cancers, and Alzheimer’s illness. Even that one wey them dey write “low ldl cholesterol” dey OK, however nonetheless get small comma.
Attempt to dey use different wholesome oils, like olive oil, coconut oil, or avocado oil.


Promoting and advertising has led us to consider that margarine is wholesome, even wholesome move butter, however na lie.
Na from hydrogenated vegetable then dey get margarine o. E personal wahala carry bicycle sef. It is suggested to relatively use regular butter as an alternative, as it’s more healthy.

The trans fat in margarine match injury your coronary heart, blood vessels, and even re organize your levels of cholesterol with out cost. In case your hand no attain to purchase butter, e higher make you purchase avocado pear, all na butter.

5. Sugar

You discover say we don point out say sugar dey for all these different ones. However sugar by itself, an excessive amount of consumption of it can change into an enormous downside.
I am going recommendation make you simply use honey exchange am.


Well being is wealth, so make we jeje dey chop somethings. An excessive amount of of all the pieces could be very dangerous. Eat wholesome to remain wholesome!

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