BIAFRA & NDIGBO: Situating The Points ~ Ikenda Elechi

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BIAFRA & NDIGBO: Situating the problems

Ndigbo or the Igbo is without doubt one of the ethnic teams in Nigeria. It’s a folks with their very own distinctive lifestyle, aspirations and ambitions, mates and foes

Then again, Biafra refers to an imaginary nation that was to cowl all the lands of Ndigbo and a few elements of non Igbos

To situate it correctly, Biafrans or say proposed Biafra refers back to the Igbos and non Igbos who subscribe to the thought of Biafra as a separate State from the Nigerian State. That’s, whereas Ndigbo is an ethnic group, Biafra is an imaginary nation or state

Biafra doesn’t robotically imply Igbo and Igbo too doesn’t robotically imply Biafra, each phrases don’t imply similar and will not be interchangeable

An implication of that is that not each Igbo individual is essentially a Biafran as there are a whole lot, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Ndigbo who themselves don’t subscribe to the Biafran ideology

It subsequently makes completely no sense to view each Igbo individual as a pure Biafran


By Ikenda Elechi