Disregard Name for NiDCOM’s Dissolution by Coalition of Oduduwa Descendants; Affiliation Tells FG

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From : Affiliation of Nigerian Professionals within the Americas

To : All Media Homes

Topic : Coalition of Oduduwa Descendant’s name for NiDCOM dissolution

Date: Thursday, January 21, 2021

Title:  NiDCOM is a veritable car for Nigeria’s financial development and nationwide unity

The decision by a so-called Coalition of Oduduwa Descendants on the Federal authorities of Nigeria to both dissolve or restructure the Nigerians in Diaspora Fee (NiDCOM) wouldn’t have been something to write down residence about. Nevertheless it turns into crucial that, as certainly one of Nigeria’s affiliation within the Diaspora, we should reply to this misguided, maybe borne out of a deliberate miseducation of this coalition, name for NiDCOM dissolution not solely as a result of the fee represents Nigerians the world over (our affiliation and its members inclusive), however the unassailable indisputable fact that Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa has been a “one-woman” battalion whose curiosity within the wellbeing of Nigerians within the Diaspora is past reproach, even earlier than the institution of a fee of which she’s now its Chairman and Chief Govt Officer.

The coalition’s so-called World Press Convention was laughable because it was comical not solely as a result of the organizers exhibited deeply flawed thought course of in advancing no matter grievances they might have with the fee, however the sheer indisputable fact that these causes themselves are as unintelligible, crass and badly disjointed which shouldn’t have emanated from any Oduduwa descendants, not to mention a Coalition. A World Press Convention doesn’t get any asinine than that.

In calling for the Fee’s dissolution or restructure, the coalition’s Nationwide Coordinator, *Lekan Ekundayo,* stated that “hate campaigns (are ongoing as a result of) some disgruntled parts overseas (are) endorsing detrimental publicity about Nigeria.” On account of this “detrimental publicity” by these faceless Nigerians “enemies of the Nigerian state like Boko Haram, insurgents and different financial saboteurs…proceed to wreak havoc on the nation” as a result of, in Ekundayo’s warped thoughts like that of a simpleton, “NiDCOM has develop into the refinery for the processing of crude, scathing critics and all types of negativism towards Nigeria.”

Maybe Ekundayo and the coalition he purport to signify merely lacks the presence of thoughts to know the truth that in a free world, even in Nigeria, folks can by no means share the identical opinion in regards to the state of affairs of their nation and the way it’s being administered.

Pray thee, what has NiDCOM acquired to do with the impartial criticisms of some Nigerians within the Diaspora? What additionally has Boko Haram and different insurgencies that presently bedevils the nation acquired to do with these unsubstantiated criticisms? Would Boko Haram, banditry, kidnappings and different nefarious actions of those degenerates all of a sudden evaporate had been this “detrimental publicity” to have stopped? How has NiDCOM “develop into the refinery for the processing of crude, scathing critics and all types of negativism towards Nigeria?” The place’s the connecting thread between NiDCOM and the imbecilic causes superior by Ekundayo and his coalition for the Fee’s dissolution?

Whereas we could by no means know why Lekan Ekundayo has chosen to go down this perfidious highway (and it’s frankly unimportant to us) about NiDCOM, they need to advance clever arguments subsequent time in the event that they’re really desirous of getting the Fee scrapped or restructured. The coalition’s pointless characterization of NiDCOM is Lifeless On Arrival as it’s an try at crying wolf when there’s completely none.

_Hagerstown, Maryland, US_
for *Affiliation of Nigerian Professionals within the Americas*