HOLDING GOVT ACCOUNTABLE: The position of Residents (Half 1) ~ Ikenda Elechi

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HOLDING GOVT ACCOUNTABLE: The position of Residents (Half 1)

So yesterday, I raised some questions in regards to the gigantic tasks finished by the Council Chairman of my LGA, Ikwerre, Hon. Ishi Samuel.

The questions have been extra of accountability with a view to establishing whether or not as a folks, we’re indebted to any organisation for these tasks and if sure, to what extent and what plans exists to repay the money owed

These questions are related and stay unanswered even until this second as a result of assuming a mortgage was taken, it will be within the identify of the Council, which means that everybody within the LGA would bear the brunt of repaying such.

Nevertheless it seems these questions unsettled alot of individuals, particularly these within the Council’s administration for which sponsored assaults have been geared toward me

Even the Chief of the Legislative Arm, my brother, Hon. Nwobuisi Chikwe-Tasie who managed to supply response conveniently averted answering the questions immediately. As regular with public officers in Nigeria, he arrogantly boasted of not owing me a proof, as a substitute, he took us on an extended unneeded lecture as if he didn’t know the place he occupied was that of duty to the folks, each these he likes or hates, helps or opposes, agrees or disagrees with

Until this second, no one has answered our query on how a lot the tasks value us as a folks. The precise to know the price of tasks is a Constitutional proper however because of navy cling over, public officers make it appear to be they’re doing the folks a favor by providing even the least clarification on how they handle public assets

Importantly, asking questions on how public purse is managed shouldn’t be tantamount to attacking the govt., it doesn’t imply criticisms, neither does it imply that one is in opposition to the workplace holders.

It’s fairly a matter of Transparency, Open Governance & Constitutional rights of the residents

The folks themselves should realise that they contribute to the event of their society after they ask crucial questions, as such, they mustn’t enable anybody to bulldoze them out of taking part in their roles

Govt is a creation of regulation, the places of work occupied by these officers are additionally a creation of regulation simply as the way in which and method public assets needs to be expended/accountability are already determined by the regulation, it subsequently smacks of handy abdication of duty to just accept the lucres of public places of work with out its corresponding tasks to the general public

We can not proceed having a society of picture-snapping, long-grammar military of youths who have a look at aesthetics with out bothering the chance prices that lie therein and anticipate to be a developed society, as a substitute, we should have a management that doesn’t exalt itself above the folks and a citizenry that engages their leaders for the sake of the society.

It’s nothing private, it’s one thing common