How Costly And Flaboyant Marriage Ceremonies Finish Up Due to #four Textual content Message ~ Justice Chikezie

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How Costly And Flaboyant Marriage Ceremonies Break up with Simply #four(4 Naira Textual content Message)

You dated a girl for a number of months or years, you determine to marry her, took your loved ones to her household to formalise the wedding and get their consent, you pay bride value/dowry of Eight Hundred Thousand Naira(#800,000) do the Conventional bridal ceremony with Two Million Naira(#2,000,000) and the Marriage ceremony ceremony with 5 Million Naira(#5,000,000), then you definitely into the wedding correct.

To the shock and dismay of those that witness these ceremonies, few months later, the wedding that appears candy broke up for simply Textual content Message (SMS) of 4 Naira (#four). That is essentially the most insensitive motion from two adults who didn’t have understanding of themselves and what marriage entails.

It’s to indicate that marriage isn’t within the Flaboyant, Extravagant and Most Costly marriage Ceremonies. Marriage begins instantly after the top of the Ceremony, when all of the dignitaries and invitees leaves.

Marriage require understanding, openness , belief worthiness and forgiveness. If you enterprise into this Establishment of no Commencement, we should put apart all affiliation that may price us the sweetness of our marriage, like secrecy, dangerous emotions, unforgivingness, all outdated mates that won’t be supportive to the wedding, social media messages and textual content messages (SMS), that may convey suspicious emotions.

Marriage is nice and it wants co-operation, let’s hold the bond unshaken after all of the Flaboyant, Extravagant and Costly ceremony.

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