#LekkiMassacre: The Lies , The Reality And The Sanctity Of Our Nation ~ Forgive Amachree

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The Lies , The Reality And The Sanctity Of Our Nation:

I hope you now know that no person sustained gunshot accidents and nobody died from such on the Lekki Toll Gate Protest?

I hope you now know that every one respected media retailers are knocking down information associated to the alleged Lekki Toll Gate deaths and apologising , as a result of they’ve found they had been deceived by the likes of DJ Swap?

I hope that up until now, nobody has been recognized that died from the alleged gunshots on the mentioned Lekki Toll Gate Saga and no household has come out claiming any of their kin died thereto, regardless of the monetary guarantees to such legitimate claims?

I hope you now know that the true killers are those that unfold these rumours, with out recourse to verifying the authenticity of such information, however somewhat tried to hush, resorting to blackmail and threats on those that noticed the fraud and tried to level them out?

I hope you now know that so many individuals died in a number of areas throughout the nation primarily based on the unfounded, fabricated and concocted data you reeled out as the reality, whereas they had been blatant lies?

You got here up with #EndsarsProtest# , which all of us supported, believing it was focused to deal with the excesses of a selected unit of the Nigeria Police. Curiously , it was somewhat changed into a political vendetta and criminality perpetrating auspices.

Lies can solely thrive, however for some time. Reality should in the end prevail over lies.

The President accepted all of your 5 factors Agenda, with out rejecting any, and began implementing similar instantly. But, bent in your premeditated motives, because of the deep-seated hatred for this authorities, you would not permit causes prevail by calling off the protest , however somewhat you had been propelled additional to execute your sinister intentions of wilful destruction of lives and property, obstruction of actions, trampling on the rights of others and outright criminalities.

Now your illicit and ill-motivated plans are within the open for public scrutiny.

You’re the actual enemies of the nation and its residents.

You yearned for the President to deal with the nation, he yielded to your clamour. However as a result of he didn’t let you know what you wished by figuring out and magnifying your imaginary conditions constructed on lies and deceits, you referred to as the tackle a speechless speech.

You clandestinley aligned with IPOB and different enemies of the nation within the guise of “Peaceable Protesters” with arm bearing youths to unleash mayhem on the hapless residents of the nation, together with looting and wanton destruction of property of hardworking Nigerians.

You’re the actual enemies of the individuals!
I imply you , sure you individuals, supporting evil , beclouded by hatred to see the reality.

You rain curses, as a result of we differ with you by standing on the reality, however you aren’t God.

Allow us to assist the Authorities in any respect ranges to guide us whereas their phrases final. You need to use the poll field to voice your stand when the time comes.

You can not change this authorities halfway via your evil machinations.

We love our nation, Nigeria!

Nigeria have to be nice once more, there is no such thing as a various to that!!

We should all work collectively to make that occur via our attitudinal and psychological re-orientation for Optimistic Change, that can take us to the Subsequent The Subsequent Degree!!!

Forgive Amachree

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