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The phrase “Loyalty” undoubtedly has develop into one of the crucial essential and interesting phrases to a mean Nigerian politician. They will reward it with fortunes, they’d give something to reward the loyalist. All they want is to be happy that you’re loyal and there you go.

Rewarding loyalty is an antediluvian follow. In actual fact, God is the originator of this follow, he rewarded Abraham with Isaac and so forth. So, it is rather protected to say rewarding loyalty has the blessings of God. In any case, a labourer deserves his wages.

Consequently, it has develop into an avenue for some folks to tear off. Loads of individuals now feign loyalty solely as a way to an finish. They faux to stick with a trigger simply to get the reward for loyalty which most of the time comes massive. That’s the type of loyalty that holds sway immediately, particularly in political realms.
False loyalty!

False loyalty is pushed by pecuniary good points and alimentary pursuits; it’s characterised by sycophancy. It might final for so long as the persistence of the false loyalist can bear. It seems within the similitude of true loyalty however furtively beneath it are egocentric concerns. It’s principally exhibited by venal characters.

Each true loyalty is pushed by Beliefs, widespread recognition, similarity of objective/curiosity and naturally, ardour. True loyalty just isn’t pushed by good points. It goes past what advantages that comply with. It’s voluntary, it’s a selfless enterprise.

If he doesn’t share similar recognition, ardour, beliefs, curiosity and objective with you, then he definitely can not really be loyal. True loyalty will change solely when these beliefs and values that drive it change.

As Mark Twain places it; “Loyalty to the Nation on a regular basis, loyalty to the Authorities when it deserves it. ”

Sure, all true loyalists perceive that loyalty to a trigger is fixed (on a regular basis) however loyalty to a person depends on his disposition to the trigger (when he deserves it)

The large query due to this fact is, What drives your loyalty?